July 4, 2016

Tea and Coffee Packaging


Arguably the most popular beverages in the world, tea and coffee are integral to the daily livelihood of so many people. They come in a countless variety of tastes, strengths, and styles, and their packaging is equally diverse.

Preserving the rich flavors of tea leaves and coffee beans requires attention to detail, however, and some considerations not applicable to other foods may be required. For example, coffee beans naturally release carbon dioxide (CO2) after being roasted, which generally needs to be let out of the bags. Our flexible packaging solutions include optional one-way degassing or release valves to let the CO2 out and prevent oxygen (O2) from entering. Note that oxygen is one of the biggest accelerants to staling coffee beans.

In addition to helping select the right features and materials for your bag, we print your artwork using rotogravure printing to ensure impeccable quality. Additionally, we guarantee that all pouches are manufactured in our ISO certified plant using food grade and FDA compliant barrier films.

As desired, our customers always have the option of additional features such as:

  • Re-closable Ziplocks
  • Closable Spouts
  • Tear Notches
  • Handles or hang holes