July 4, 2016

Flat Pouches

Flat Pouches, also known as three-side seal pouches, are a cost-effective flexible packaging option. They are manufactured using the same engineered barrier films as other types of flexible packaging, but are smaller in capacity and hence utilize less material. Flat pouches sit virtually flat even when filled, making them a great choice when there is little concern for bending or breakage of the products. Common contents include seasonings, jerky, powdery mixes, and products intended to be consumed in a single use.

Like our other flexible pouches, flat pouches can be produced in a clear, metallized, or matte finish, and of course you have the ability to fully customize everything else such as the inclusion of any of the following features:

  • Re-closable Ziplocks
  • Closable Spouts
  • Tear Notches
  • Release Valves
  • Handles or hang holes

Flat Pouch