July 4, 2016

Stand Up Pouches

You’ve got the game changing recipe for a product your customers are going to absolutely love. Why not score a homerun in your sales with custom-printed stand up pouches? (Read: The Importance of Your Packaging).cq5dam.web.1280.1280

Stand Up Pouches make for the ideal packaging solution when it comes to a variety of food and non-food products, whether dry or liquid-based. These flexible containers are manufactured using layers of very carefully engineered barrier films, combined in a manner that caters specifically to the product inside. In cases where ultra-high resistance to oxygen and moisture are required, a “metallized film” is used by adding a thin layer of aluminum to the polymeric materials (think chips bags or granola bar wrappers). At FlexiblePouches.com, we work with you to understand your requirements and help you select flexible materials that are fit for purpose. The end result? A stand up pouch that prevents degradation from harmful elements such as moisture, gaseous permeation, light (UV), and odor. This ensures preservation of taste, maximum shelf life, and lasting freshness for your product.

As with all pouches offered, flexiblepouches.com allows you the ability to fully customize everything from the shape, style, and graphics to the inclusion of any of the following features:

  • Re-closable Ziplocks
  • Closable Spouts
  • Tear Notches
  • Release Valves
  • Handles or hang holes


Stand Up Pouches styles are classified by their bottom gusset shapes, and generally fall into one of the following three types:

  • K-Bottom Gusset
  • Round-Bottom Gusset (“Doyen Style”)
  • Plow-Bottom or NO Bottom Gusset

index-markWHAT’S A GUSSET?

A gusset is a structural element consisting of “extra” material that provides reinforcement on a corner or seam of a body, such as the inseam on a pair of jeans. In the case of a flexible pouch, a gusset can be thought of as the extra material that folds inwards creating a wider edge, such as at the bottom of a stand up pouch or the side of a flat bottom pouch. A side that’s gusseted on a flexible pouch typically has corners that are sealed off to maximize the barrier between contents and external contaminants.



Round-Bottom Gusset (“Doyen Style”)

A pouch with a round-bottom gusset features a curved seal profile on the front and back sides of the bottom edges. Also known as a Doyen Style, the pouch’s rounded bottom geometry evenly distributes product weight and maintains balance.  This is particularly important for lightweight products, which might otherwise cause the package to tip over instead of standing upright. Hence, the round-bottom gusset style pouch is ideal for products that are both light (< ~1 lb) and have a more consistent density—liquid detergents, soaps, and other lightweight products (both solid and liquid). Because the contents tend to settle towards the bottom, the round-bottom gusset style generally has a smaller pouch height relative to the width when compared to other styles.

Note that the tooling required to manufacture the curved bottom seals is specific to the size of the pouch, and might have to be custom made depending on what size of a pouch you’re looking for.



K-Bottom Gusset (Most Common)

As the name implies, a K-bottom gusset style has a seal profile on the front and back sides of the bottom edges that looks like the letter “K” sideways. The rise is approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal, allowing for an optimized volumetric and weight bearing capacity of the pouch. Such a configuration results in the contents tending towards the center and bottom of the pouch, making it ideal for a variety of products such as crackers, cookies, snacks, etc. With some level of discretion, a total product weight that falls into the “medium” category—just a tad more than what would ideally go into a round-bottom gusset style—is a great contender to be packaged in a K-bottom gusset style stand up pouch.

Note that unlike a round-bottom pouch, the tooling required to manufacture the “K” style seal is independent of pouch size. Hence, it’s painless to make virtually any sized K-Bottom pouch, which is why this style is the most common in the market today.





Plow-Bottom or No Bottom Gusset

The plow-bottom stand up pouch is a solution for many products for which flexible packaging may not initially be considered as the way to go. It differs from other styles in that it does NOT have seals on either the front or back edges of its bottom; instead, it actually benefits from the weight of its contents settled at the bottom to provide a foundation on which the pouch can stably stand up. The plow-bottom style is the way to go for heavier products that are greater than 5 lbs. This isn’t a minimum or requirement, however—very often products that are significantly lighter are packaged in this style of a pouch. The plow-bottom pouch is also an excellent choice for granular products such as seeds, salt, and sugar.